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    Please select a primary category for your nonprofit arts organization reflecting your mission and programs. Organizational and Directory members have the option to include a total of three (3) categories. The Directory of the Arts in Georgia is limited to Georgia arts organizations, which are nonprofit corporations, government arts agencies or university art programs.

    Art Councils

    An Art Council is a public or private nonprofit organization or agency with a primary purpose to provide a support system and network to develop, deliver and sustain arts activities in the community. Its primary function is to provide some or all of the following services: support of individual artists, promotion of arts activities, grants making, space provision and central administration services for other arts organizations. An Arts Council (also referred to as a local arts agency) often serves as a forum for citizen's opinion and acts as an advocate for public and private support of the arts. In addition, an Arts Council or local arts agency may sponsor programs in cooperation with community and neighborhood organizations, or on its own as a catalyst for audience development and new programming. Arts Councils or local arts agencies are not single purpose or discipline organizations, i.e., not primarily an arts service organization, arts-producing organization or arts presenter.

    Art Centers

    An Art Center is distinct from an Arts Council, and from a theater, gallery or museum. An arts center is a functional community center with a specific purpose to encourage arts practice and to provide facilities like theatre space, gallery space, and venues for musical performance, workshop areas, educational facilities, technical equipment, etc. A place , a building, or group of buildings which serves as a focal point for artistic activity or interest, or activities devoted to art, music, drama, etc.

    Arts Service

    An Arts service organization is primarily a service provider rather than an artistic producer or presenter. It offers administrative support, technical assistance, financial assistance or service to a variety of arts professionals and disciplines. It may promote arts education or access for a specific community, arts discipline, cultural/artistic heritage or underserved population.

    Arts Education

    An arts education organization provides arts education in public or private schools, after school programs, or provides arts learning resources, artist residency programs, or professional development for artists and art teachers.


    An organization with a primary focus on the creation, production, or performance of dance.


    A literary arts organization has a primary focus on writing, poetry, spoken word, book arts, or publishing.


    An organization that has a primary focus on music, musical performances or teaching music.


    An organization that typically organizes, selects, and produces drama, or contracts for theatrical events (i.e., concerts, plays, films, performances or appearances by creative artists or artist ensembles.)


    An organization that organizes, curates, and displays exhibitions of visual art or collects and displays its collection of art, e.g. museums, galleries, or historic sites.

  • (Organizational and Directory members have the option to include a total of three (3) categories. The Directory of the Arts in Georgia is limited to Georgia arts organizations, which are nonprofit corporations, government arts agencies or university art programs.)
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